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RideWERX c-Guide ECO

Bionicon Eurobike 2012 NEWS
RideWERX B-Ring
RideWERX B-Ring

We're excited to be receiving the next Gen of c-Guide's - The eco !

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ECO Has Arrived!

Welcome to "A Ride Less Ordinary"

Ever wanted a bike partner to enhance your riding experince?

Bionicon does just that - whether its the innovative c-Guide's to the new B-Rings or simply something different in riding wear - We have some options for you.

Riding Wear

Electrically Assisted MTB

C-Guide V2 Chain Guide

RideWERX = Riding Wear and Options to Enhance your Cycling Experience

Review the Gear!

RideWERX the home of BIONICON in Australia.


Why Bionicon

The new C-Guide V2
Bionicon Eurobike 2012 NEWs
The Bionicon Riding Wear Range

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Voted Most Innovative Bike Brand consistently over 6 years - 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 & 2015

Bionicon @ Eurobike

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