Coffee PODs

What are coffee pods

Coffee Pods are a pre-packed serving of freshly ground coffee, provided ready-to-filter for any cappuccino machine, either in the home, the office or café.

Pods have been around for a long time in Europe and have the advantage over traditional espresso based drinks; with their mess free system. The  operator does not need as much skill in the extraction process because of pre-dosed pod sizes. The once believed negative of pod usage was that most pods in Australia were stale as they were imported from Europe. Now freshly produced pods are sealed here in Australia in individually wrapped foil bags.  Quists Coffee is proud to make available its Miscela Italiana blend which is freshly roasted, ground and sealed into pods. Ideal for home and office. Decaffienated PODs are also available upon request.



  • No coffee waste
  • Pods are clean and hygienic
  • Allows unqualified staff to produce a quality coffee – everytime!
  • Coffee is already ground, dosed in the proper quantity and tamped for optimal extraction
  • They are hermetically sealed in foil pouches using nitrogen to preserve the flavour and extend their shelf life for up to two years
  • Easy to store and count pods in vending and dispensing units
  • Simple to use


ideal uses

  • Office – easy to use, eliminates mess and waste
  • Home – fresh, clean and perfect extraction every time by all members of the family
  • Hotel/Motels – easy, in room use

Coffee Pod



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