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Please note that some coffee types are seasonal (denoted by an asterix * ). If you would like to try one of these blends please complete the contact us form and we will let you know the availability and upload the information onto the site.



Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer after Brazil and is famous for it's strict grading standards. The flavour is consistently clean, smooth and nicely balanced. It is regarded by many as the supreme coffee.

Colombia Decaffeinated

Quists were the first to introduce decaffeinated coffee to Melbourne over 25 years ago. A Swiss water decaffeination process completed in Germany produces a 97% caffeine-free coffee with medium body and smooth flavour.

Costa Rica *

Costa Rica enjoys an excellent reputation for quality coffee. These beautifully processed beans produce a medium bodied cup with a tangy aroma and lively, elegant flavour.

Quists Own Blend

A delicious, light bodied blend with a rich aroma. A smooth and satisfying coffee you can drink all day long.

New Guinea Plantation A *

Similar to Kenya with medium body and a sharp fruity acidity.


This blend is dominated by Ethiopian Djimma producing a rich and pungent coffee with "chocolatey" overtones.

Brazil Santos *

Brazil is the world's number one coffee producer. Brazilian coffee flavour is characterized upon regional differences and Santos is a light and mellow coffee with low acidity.

Guatemala *

This delicious coffee has strong fruity aroma and a rich body.

Maragogype *

Maragogype is a seaonal bean that produces a large coffee bean which is wonderfully aromatic with a delicate, sweet and smooth flavour. Our Maragogype is currently sourced from Mexico though occasionally we will source from Nicaragua or Guatemala.


The flavour is dominated by the smokey "burnt" nuance of the ebony coloured beans. We use a special blend of beans which develop the dark roast flavour best.

Kenya AA *

These high grown arabica beans rank with the world's finest. They have an intense flavour, pointed acidity and bright, hearty character.

Miscela Italiana blend

Destined for those seeking the true taste of Italian espresso. Roasted and blended in the fashion of a small Italian "Torrefazione" (coffee roastery), it is a coffee full in body, sweet and rich in flavour with no bitterness and a balanced level of citric acidity.


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