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Melbourne Coffee Review

Blink and you’ll miss it…..and what a shame that would be.

Melbourne’s oldest coffee house, established in 1938, Quists is 71 years young and boasts a history rich a sweet, much like the coffee it is reputed to serve.

Iconic, Classic, Traditional are all adjectives that can be easily associated with Quists, but it is also modern, friendly and happy, a must for one and all as they hunt around town for coffee perfection.

The humble bean is treated like royalty here at the house of Quists, and I can tell as I order a ristretto that the barista is all business, not flinching or questioning me at all…and only $2.50 in the heart of the CBD, WOW!

He hands it to me and in reverence I respectfully glance at the crema, feeling unworthy to partake in this holy offering.

Nevertheless the passions take control and the chain reaction of sensory triggers are set off beginning with the nose and ending with a satisfied afterglow.

A complex blend of floral aromas, hazelnut and chocolate a rich mouthfeel, all reaffirm the legendary status of this place.

I remember now that this is a stop on Maria Paoli of Evolving Success fame, Historical Coffee Trek:

And now I can see why, it really epitomizes all that is so special about the Melbourne Café Scene.

I re-affirm all opinion formed with my café latte which is perfect, a well textured and perfectly combined blend of silken smooth milk and 30mls of espresso has once again provided the CaFFiend with a 3 BEAN experience right in the heart of the CBD!

Till next time…………………………. keep on Caffeining on!!!


Melbourne Attractions

An army marches on its stomach and a city functions on its coffee. And nothing would send Melbourne to a grinding halt faster than a shortage of liquid pick-me-up. Perhaps that’s why Quists has been in the coffee bean business since 1938. Selling 16 different varieties, including an organic blend from Mexico, the beans are expertly roasted in their Research factory and delivered fresh. But true connoisseurs won’t even consider taking a sip without the correct equipment. Quists also provides Italian percolators, plungers and Saeco coffee machines – everything bar the barista. M.PADULA



Maybe it's because I remember going to Quists as a little thing with my mummy but nothing ever tastes quite as comforting as Quists. It was Melbourne's first coffee roaster, opening in 1938. To be going strong still in a city that prides itself on its cafe culture, you have to be doing something right.


3 Lord Mayors Commendations

Quists Coffee is the proud recipient of three Lord Mayor's Small Business Proprietor Commendations in 2007. The purpose of the Lord Mayor's Small Business Proprietor Commendations is to recognise and acknowledge the long term commitment of independent small business proprietors, particularly those who have significantly contributed to the prosperity and vitality of Melbourne.

Quists Coffee were awarded with Gold, Silver & Bronze Commendations.


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