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Miscela Italiana Blend


A delicious blend of 8 bean varieties - more.

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If you can tell the difference between freshly roasted beans and overseas imports or a volume blend - or would like to - then you have come to the right place.

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Top Three Blends

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Our top three blends. One 250g pack of Micsela Italiana, Espresso & Colombia - for more details or sizes click here!

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While we have seen increases in both Coffee and Transport it has been shipping that hits online retailers the most - even so we will continue to subsidise the frieght costs.

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Expobar Coffee Machines

Expobar offer a wide range for professional grade coffee makers for home, office and commercial use with a heritage of coffee making excellence.

Commercial and office packages are available for cafe's, restaurants, companies and hotels along with competitive pricing for home users. Contact us for more information or browse the range by clicking here.!
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